Because most of them are probably dead by now …

I’m Kate Darnell. I’ll be your host for this lovely winter experiment. You might remember me from Paris Post where I blogged about the wet dream that is living in the so-called City of Lights. I’ve had my rude awakening, and I just couldn’t bear to sully the lovely site with the news: I will not be returning for a while.

So this blog is meant for those daily things that are between ordinary and remarkable enough to make it to Slate (though I’m not promising I’ll never write about any of their articles. After all, there is only one news site amazing enough to create a Facebook feed for Obama while still answering some of the more bizarre questions that come to reader’s minds when they read the news).

I realize there’s a certain irony in naming my blog after a species that just finished dying en masse for the year. It’s fitting, and it also allows me to cling onto the idea of spring, which admittedly is a season I mostly hated until now. If you haven’t lived in Kansas, you’ll probably never understand. In Kansas spring is mostly winter with a biting wind added in. Toward the last two or three weeks of what ought to be spring, the weather suddenly kicks into overdrive. It’s nice for about two days and then turns into a gusty, sweaty sauna. So much for May flowers.

But the point is that Spring is hopeful. I hope you got that.

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