For tomorrow we shall …

For the past 29 days I’ve been participating (or pretending to participate in) NaNoWriMo, an acronym sort of sounds like a word for “miniature rhinoceros,” as a good friend pointed out. In reality, the thing stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s actually bigger than just national. There are groups in Paris, Germany, and several other countries who are also participating.

So as big as this thing is, you’d think I’d have heard of it before the eve of opening day. Instead, I scrambled around and put together a half-assed idea for a book, but let’s face it, a cookie is only as good as its ingredients, and this one was basically made from sugar harvested in Canada. “Sweet” would hardly be the way I would characterize it.

In combination of this and a spectacular bout of flu that has put my entire family down for the count, I will finish tomorrow nowhere near the goal of 50,000 words. But the point is, it has caused me to try something new, and as a result I will be more than ready in one year when I begin my second novel — one that will hopefully have the gravitas to cover 50,000 words and more.

In the meantime, I’ve gained a few friends and revived an old hobby. So here’s to trying new things, and even though this thing will technically be over in a few dozen hours, here’s to continuing new hobbies. Because what’s the point of trying something new if you can’t continue it now and again?

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