I hate Annie, but I’m hoping I’ll like NYC anyway.

As I pack and get ready to head out to New York tomorrow, all I can hear is the song from Annie about New York. I used to really like that play when I was younger, but I think I must have worn out my patience with it. If Daddy Warbucks was real, I’d be about ready to strangle him by now. Even so, I’m going to give New York a try and hope that the song slips out of my head before I get on the plane tomorrow.

As promised, here is my e’er-so-detailed itinerary, finished and finalized. Working this up has been a learning experience.  I let other people plan my vacations, which is relaxing but also makes you wonder what neat stuff you’re missing.

The downside to planning and being in control, I’ve discovered, is that you become far too conscious of all those things that you’re probably going to miss. I’m going to do my best to forget about all that once I get on the plane with my designated New York City read, Let the Great World Spin. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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