NaNoWriMo adds a little Frenzy!

Yes, that exclamation point was totally warranted. It’s that big a deal.

Last November, I gave a go to the NaNoWriMo challenge. It was a doomed endeavor, especially since I started so late that I couldn’t really plan out a story like I wanted, and I had just started a new job, so my focus was split (or that’s what I kept telling myself after).  I really want to do it again, though, next year.

But now it’s looking like I won’t have to wait a year to get another try at writing something semi-long and (hopefully) meaningful. The makers of NaNoWriMo have come up with a new challenge called Script Frenzy. I’ll be attempting (Note here that I make no promises) to write a 100-page-long script for a play during the month of April.

And I plan to start the battle heavily armed, with a couple extra thousand words written out and a somewhat detailed plot in my head. Luckily, unlike last time, I have 19 days to work on all this.

I have only ever attempted to write a script once … in high school. It was an assignment to add a prequel or sequel to the play The Crucible, and it happened to be my favorite writing assignment … ever. Even in college. And not least because it earned a 48/50 from one of the toughest lit teachers I’ve ever had (and yes, I did just brag about my high school essay scores. I have sunk that low).

Feel free to come sign up and join me in my possibly crazy quest!

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