Five days until Script Frenzy …

You know you want to.

Fair warning: You might see quite a bit fewer book reviews on this site in the next month or so and much more about writing process. The reason? I’ll be trying my pen at Script Frenzy (which I’ve talked about before here).

I found out about Script Frenzy through National Novel Writing Month, which I made a feeble attempt at last November. I did write through the month, but I only got about half the word-count you’re supposed to be shooting for if you participate (50,000).

I’m not ashamed of my measly 25,000 words. Here’s why:

1. I must be the last literary person I know to have found out about NaNoWriMo — not a day or two before it began. So when I started writing, I did so without any clear outline or plot in mind. Some people can write this way, but not me. I’m an obsessive planner who likes to have plenty of character sheets, notes and other random doodads to help me feel like I’m inside the story.

2. I had just begun a new job. It wasn’t a grand one or anything, but new jobs = less time and more stress.

3. This was my first attempt at writing long-form since I graduated. It was always going to be misguided and rough. So I’m just glad I got it out of the way.

So while I wish I could have gotten something a little longer and amazing out of myself, I’m really just glad that the whole experience is over.

Yes, you want to.

For this month of April, here’s why I hope things will go better:

1. I have had a little time to prepare.

2. I’m trying an exciting new writing form: script writing. New challenges always make things more interesting.

Here’s why things could go worse:

1. I’m trying a new writing form (remember?) — so it’s possible that there will be kinks and confusion and frustration.

2. There isn’t as much of a Script Frenzy community here in KCK area as there was for NaNoWriMo. Having fewer partners in crime means that it’s easier to push it back and lose enthusiasm.

To that end, if you’re interested, let me know! You still have 5 days to join and get ready!

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