It’s plotting against me.

“It” being the writer’s block monster in my head.

Driving through Iowa last weekend we saw lots of wind farms. They were so graceful it was almost difficult to keep my eyes on the road.

I’ve begun Script Frenzy and so far,  things have been going along fairly well. Except that I’ve already seemed to rearrange my plot a lot, and now I’m basically writing up until the moment when there will be no more planned plot. And it’s coming fast.

This is bad news because I do not improvise well. When I improvise, stupid things pop out of my mouth and then they just hang there. That’s why I like writing and not public speaking. And probably also why a lot of public speakers like those glass teleprompters. I know I would be sleeping with a teleprompter if I were a politician. But not in that way.

So lesson number one of script writing is that I really need to find a clear ending point to everything that’s going on in my story. It might sound obvious, but I’ve gotten away with starting vague for years. All the way through college it more or less worked, so it is actually surprising that now, with no critics around but me, I’m having to raise my standards (not that they are that high to begin with. “Finish” seems like a dismally low bar).

So tonight and tomorrow, I will be plotting in that writerly, notecards-all-over-the-desk way. And I’m actually really excited about it. Because though I have a basic goal and I know what I want to say, it’s really the journey that makes the book worth reading, or in this case, the play worth watching.

There were lots of clouds that day. The one on the left looks to me like a dog head, and the one on the right is his sheep buddy. But I'm totally open to other interpretations.

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