The final countdown

This title should really be sung if you want the full effect.

So Script Frenzy has pretty much eaten my life. And that’s OK because, really, I would have been doing far less productive stuff in its stead.

I am terribly proud to report that I am on schedule so far — and knocking on wood so this doesn’t jinx me. The power of wood-knocking is apparently great. No, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anyway, I’ve been plotting and writing pretty frantically to get to this point. My little Script Frenzy graph looks like a pretty steep staircase by now. And I definitely learned a few things:

1. Always have enough extra pages around and finished that you could theoretically skip two days and still not be freaked out. This isn’t in case you miss two days in a row. It’s in case you miss four days in a row. That way, when you realize on a Saturday afternoon that you haven’ written since Tuesday, you only have to crank out 10 pages in one day to make up the time you should have been sitting diligently at your desk. (This has happened to me like 3 times already. True story.)

2. Plotting is both undervalued and overrated.

I don’t know if you all remember, but I recently posted about how I really needed to plot more thoroughly this time around. And I was right. But the thing that kept bothering me was that I really couldn’t see a clear path to the ending. And, this time at least, I think that turned out to be a good thing. Because last weekend the ending came to me in a clear, caffeine-induced vision, and I realized that if I’d been carefully plotting my way through, such an elegant thing would never have come. It would have been painful and forced and probably boring.

3. Talk to people about the story … when you’re ready. And only to the people you’re dead sure would never tell you your story is stupid and then steal your awesome plot idea. This pretty much discounts everyone. Pretty much.

4. Don’t listen to weird blog posts with script-writing techniques. Most of those guys seem scarily over-confident and kind of like jerks.

There should be a number 5, but my lunch break is over, so you all will have to content yourselves with this.

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5 Responses to The final countdown

  1. Steven.Spielberg says:

    Hello, i’m reading your blog constantly and i’m very interesting to talk with you…Don’t worry i won’t steal your plot… i don’t even work in movies production. Why would i do that ???

  2. James Cameron says:

    Hello Kate. I would love to read your plot and don’t worry i would never steal your plot… i only steal technological things…

  3. Brad Pitt says:

    Hi Kate !… i’ve seen that we both went to the same university.. yeah mizzou !!!! Oh yeah !

    Now i’m an unfamous actor… Do you think i could have a part in your plot ? That would be great !

    Go Mizzou…

  4. Hadrilion says:

    Moi je veux bien lire ton script :).

  5. Hitchcock says:

    If you’re ok with that, i would like to read your script :)….Is there a lot of deaths in it ? Cause i like that.


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