Script Frenzy: OWNED.

‘Nuff said. In fact, you could probably stop reading right now.

So a couple of days ago, I finished Script Frenzy. And by this, I mean that I reached 100 pages of script. And then I immediately took a two-day vacation (even though I still haven’t technically typed “THE END.” That’s hopefully going to happen this weekend).

So I’m pretty excited because this means that I’m still capable of writing something longer than a newspaper article. The twelve-year-old me would be so proud. Well, at least not as disappointed as she was previously. As a twelve-year-old I sort of figured I’d be Audrey Niffenegger by now, so really I’m way behind, but I’m trying not to dwell on that at this point. As I child, I was totally The Brain, and growing up, I’ve leaned more the way of Pinky. It’s a simpler life.

As to the story, if no one else ever reads it, that would be fine. Even though all the big-name directors are totally after me to read it. (Thanks for that, HG.) Mostly, I’m just glad that I’ve made something creative and fun, and even though there aren’t my Frenzy people in KC, it was fun to read people’s comments and feel this sense of collective pull to finish.

The other day, I realized something else as well: If I ever decide to move to LA, I won’t have to be the umpteenth person there who’s working on their screen play. I can be all, “I’m over that. I do it, like, all the time.” And there will be awe. I’m pretty sure.

Now, on to project number two of the year. At the beginning of April, I wanted to work on it even more than my script, but I decided to stay with Script Frenzy in the name of comraderie. Now, as April is over, I’m reluctant to let my script go and begin the next thing. Sure, I’ll probably edit it, but in the end, I know I don’t want to publish a script. I want to publish a novel. It doesn’t really matter, though, because at the moment I’m just sad to be losing my characters. Somewhere on the Script Frenzy site, they mention that you know you’re into your story when you put your protagonist as your emergency contact. They’re kind of right. Except that my protagonist doesn’t have a phone number, so I don’t see how I could really do that. Still, though.

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