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I’m Kate Darnell, and as said in the original Chenille post, I’ll be your host. On this site I’ll tell you about the most recent books and the occasional movie that have come across my path, and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m not particularly opposed to any genre, though most of my pleasure reading falls somewhere in the realm of fiction.

If you’re wondering about my professional background, you can visit my personal site. I’m a recent grad from the University of Missouri, and for the moment, I’m stuck in limbo (a very, very complicated limbo).

In the meanwhile, I’ve entered the corporate world as a receptionist and been amazed at how much like Office Space the whole experience is. Not that I dislike my boss or my coworkers. I just never imagined I would ever be this frustrated with a copier. Ours is way too big to take out to a field and destroy with a bat, though. We’d probably need more like a crane or a Caterpillar.

Speaking of caterpillars, the site was actually named after them. Not the big machines really, but more like the fuzzy bugs. Or hairy. Or horny. Whatever. They’re bugs. Here’s roughly what the Larousse textbook definition says:

Chenille: noun, feminine. 1. (entomology) caterpillar 2. (mechanical) caterpillar 3. (textiles) chenille

I could tell you that I chose the name for the symbolism of a creature blossoming to its full potential, but really I just like the word. It sounds pretty, especially when a real French person says it. Caterpillars are also cute when they scrunch themselves up and then stretch out to move forward. Or maybe that’s inchworms. Either way, it’s pretty cool.


One Response to About the site

  1. Pamela Walsh says:

    Kate, I like your site. Glad to make the connection. BTW Mizzou was my 2nd college choice (after UT where I went). Look forward to reading your posts.
    ~ Pamela

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