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The Glass Castle, ***

By JEANNETTE WALLS They don’t make parents like they used to. I’ve had a hard time jumping on the memoir bandwagon. I tried to do so with A Million Little Pieces, and then about 20 pages in it came out … Continue reading

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The Kite Runner, ****

By KHALED HOSSEINI A non-Nicholas Sparks bestseller. So it was pretty good. The thing about The Kite Runner is that Hosseini manages to make his protagonist Amir both adorable and absolutely spineless. There are moments you want to shout at … Continue reading

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Enemies of the People, ****

When Kati Marton came on the The Colbert Report, she talked about her parents Endre and Ilona Marton, Hungarian journalists for the Associated Press who were under constant surveillance from the Hungarian AVO (a sort of Communist secret police). She learned most of the information about her parents’ life in Hungary not from her own experiences but from the meticulous AVO file that was kept about them. Continue reading

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The Handmaid’s Tale, *****

The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of a young woman who has lived through a coup of the US government. The newly formed country of Gilead has based much of its social customs from the Biblical story of Rachel and Jacob (referenced at the beginning of the book as Genesis 30:1-3). Only married relationships are sanctioned (and only first marriages). If a woman (and it is always the woman) is found to be barren, a Handmaid is called upon to bear children in the wife’s place. Continue reading

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The Poet, ***

The story is told from the point of view of Jack McEvoy, a Denver reporter with a tinge of cynicism, as he tries to find the truth about his brother’s murder. With the help (and hindrance) of the FBI, and notably Rachel Walling, a young agent who’s unashamed of playing the gender card to get a cushy spot with the G. Walling and McEvoy develop a rocky relationship as they go after the Poet, the mysterious killer who has travelled the country killing homicide cops. Continue reading

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Paint It Black

I admit it: I found out about Janet Fitch from HBO or one of those television movie channels. I happened upon the movie White Oleander during a lazy afternoon and wound up watching the whole thing through — only to discover during the credits that there was a book. Continue reading

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Mastering the Art of French Cooking ***

by JULIA CHILD (Kind of) becoming the master When I saw the ineffable Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia, I  was going through a cooking phase (and frankly, I didn’t have too much to do otherwise). So after seeing the … Continue reading

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