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Everything is Illuminated, the movie ***

After I read Everything is Illuminated, I wondered how the movie would be. I had seen previews to make me wonder if maybe it looked only at the lighter side of the book, and whether it ignored anything.

This has nothing to do with anything, but while I was watchin Everything is Illuminated, this little squirrel was sitting on the branch outside my window watching me like a cute little squirrel spy.

And the truth is, it does. It pretty much never tells us the story of Brod and very little of the story of the character (not necessarily the author) Jonathan Safran Foer’s ancestors. In fact, the river, which plays a large part in the book, is hardly explained at all in the movie version. Yet for whatever reason, Jonathan decides to gather silt from the river and give it to Alex’s grandfather anyway. (Oh, he knows.) Continue reading

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Everything is Illuminated, ***

By JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER <i>Everything</i> is in the nuances. From reviews I’ve read, everything about Everything seems to come down to whether you interpret Foer’s style as contrived or masterfully woven. As far as I can tell, these two things … Continue reading

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