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The Poet, ***

The story is told from the point of view of Jack McEvoy, a Denver reporter with a tinge of cynicism, as he tries to find the truth about his brother’s murder. With the help (and hindrance) of the FBI, and notably Rachel Walling, a young agent who’s unashamed of playing the gender card to get a cushy spot with the G. Walling and McEvoy develop a rocky relationship as they go after the Poet, the mysterious killer who has travelled the country killing homicide cops. Continue reading

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And the suspense builds on …

I’m nearing the halfway point of The Poet (and this I am terribly ashamed to admit, seeing as I should have finished it this weekend). So here’s a little update. Continue reading

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Entering new genres: tread lightly!

My aunt and uncle (not technically, but pretty much I consider them that way) recently joined forces to recommend a new book to me, The Poet. OK, actually it wasn’t recently. It was last October. Continue reading

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